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It’s seriously cold here guys!

Remember the good old days? When we actually had snow in the U.K.? Well, we were transported back to the '80's this week when the Beast from the East smacked us right in the face with a chilly backhander.

Ivan decided to do a vlog about how pathetic the U.K. winters are and he was rather grandly proved wrong. Okay, so it wasn't enough to ski on but we had loads of fun building snowmen and having snowball fights.

I'll be honest, I was with Ivan on this one and I really did not believe the hype so I didn't run out to buy the kids sleds or other fun snow toys. No, my poor kids were left with taking out kitchen ladles to play with as snow launchers. Still, they didn't give a hoot about it even if I cringed.

It did give me a hankering for some extreme weather though and it made me long for the ski slopes or the beach. Either would be fine, I hate the mild weather we always have in the U.K. If the U.K. weather was a colour, it would be beige.

Boring beige.

Cold but rarely cold enough for snow, or warm but rarely warm enough for beach days. Rain makes me want to stay indoors and watch old movies and there's surely not enough old movies in the world to see you through a lifetime of crappy weather.

So this week has been fun. The kids enjoyed it, the dogs enjoyed it, and we drank enough hot chocolate and marshmallows to make us sick.

Hope you enjoy the vlog.


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