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Moving to Spain is Killing Us

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

I think everybody finds moving house stressful, but moving to another country takes the stress to a whole other level!

Over the past several years we've moved around 8 or 9 times, sometimes just from one city to another, sometimes from one island to another or, like now, from one country to another. Each time has come with its own stresses.

The first time we moved to the Canary Islands, we gave away or sold most of our things, put some stuff into my parents attic and got on the plane with 2 suitcases and a dog. We were desperate to take our roller blades even though we're both absolutely useless on them and we packed less clothes just so we could take them with us.

We still have those roller blades, they've survived all the moves and even made the journey across to the Canary Islands and back to the UK. I haven't yet decided whether or not to pack them this time.

We've only been living in the UK for 4 years although we made the decision to move 2 years ago. It's taken us a while this time around to research the different areas of Spain and I feel like we've talked about it for so long that many people thought we wouldn't actually do it. Ivan and I are both quite impulsive by nature so I guess that seeing us take our time over something is a novelty!

We've considered several towns in our quest, and we've looked at some of the things that forced us to move previously. When we moved from the resort of Playa Blanca to Teguise we were searching for a more integrated experience. When we moved to the campo of Gran Canaria we were taken in by the amount of space you could get for roughly the same cost of an apartment by the coast.

This time we've found a nice front line apartment on the beach but it's definitely a downsizing from what we have now. So we can't take it all with us. I've gone through boxes and boxes of stuff and I've already binned a ton of junk.

I've come to the realisation that Enzo and I are absolute hoarders. He has collected so many 'treasures' over 4 years that I'm going to have to be sneaky about getting rid of some of them but if I don't I could probably fill a small car with his knick-knacks.

I'm not much better either. Although with 2 young kids my choice of ornaments has erred on the side of unbreakable rather than breakable - i.e. plastic, wood or metal!

I've actually been worse than Enzo and I've collected big pieces of furniture. I have a real hankering for mid century furniture and the UK is rife with it - and the best part, most people want to get rid of it! I picked up this amazing Jentique sideboard for free! For free! Then I worked at refurbishing it for hours and the result is just lovely. How am I going to leave it behind? The honest answer is I'm not. I will be taking quite a few things with us. I'm a maximalist. There I said it! Stop judging me!

So I have a monumental task ahead of me. Ivan is useless at this in my opinion. He's a minimalist. So he doesn't like owning stuff and by default he doesn't understand why others need to own so much. It's not such a bad idea but he'll just bin everything if I let him so I have to do it.

If you like seeing people on the verge of a nervous breakdown then head over to our Youtube channel to watch me gently implode on camera. It was definitely a cathartic video to do - I feel like I managed to sort through some of my feelings about the matter and now, while I write this post, I feel a lot better than I did then about sifting through our life bit by bit.


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