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Flamenco at the Feria

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

As we're moving to Spain very soon, the April Feria in Cardiff was the perfect opportunity to introduce the kids to a taste of Spanish culture. Held in the newly developed Tramshed in the Grangetown area, it was a cosy yet lively affair and there was a mix of young and old enjoying the entertainment on offer.

In typical Welsh style, the day started off grey and rainy but it soon cleared up as we headed towards Cardiff. We arrived to find the outside area decorated fiesta style with the smells of authentic Spanish cuisine wafting through the air. It was a little early for a Spanish lunch as it was only midday but we couldn't wait and tucked in to some tasty paella and tapas while watching the flamenco lessons.

The art of Paella served up by Riceminster

The food was fantastic! A lot of effort had been put into getting authentic Spanish cuisine for the event. While we tucked into the paella, the kids snagged some pinchos and then proceeded to nag for the churros with chocolate.

With our appetites sated we moved inside to watch the Alejandro Valasco dance school perform followed by the Guitarist Cuffy with singers Jaime Cantera and Bambiel Martinez who sang classic Spanish tunes.

At this point the kids were busy in the play area having their faces painted. The photo below of Tai is one of my absolute favourites and I'm definitely getting it printed off to put in a frame. Enzo, on the other hand, chose to get painted as Frankenstein's monster so, needless to say, he freaked out when he saw himself and immediately ran off to wash his face. That kid never learns!

We settled the kids down on the floor to watch dancer Josie Sinnadurai passionately perform Flamenco. They were mesmerised by her tapping heels and I was really surprised that they stayed so quiet for it. I love flamenco so it was great that the kids enjoyed it too.

Enzo declared that he can't wait to move back to Spain and I think that is the biggest compliment he could've given to the April Feria. If they can inspire a (let's be honest, very fickle) child to want to experience more of the Spanish culture then the promoters did a very good job.

We actually managed to have a quick chat with the promoter, Jose Dragon and he shared some of his reasons for the creation of the April Feria. Hopefully he'll continue to bring a little Spanish culture to Cardiff each year. It was obviously great for the Spanish community, but it was also great for us locals to experience as well.

If you'd like to watch the fiesta in action then please click on the video below and give it a thumbs up if it tickles your Spanish tastebuds!


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